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Nordtal Consultancy

Nordtal offers professional consultancy and support for your Projects and Operations. We provide added-value advice in the sectors Construction, Industry, Ports, Energy and Real Estate. Innovation and sustainability are paramount here.

With more than 15 years of experience in both the Public and Private sector, we have an extensive network and considerable market and product knowledge of the Construction, Industry, Ports and Real Estate sectors. In combination with our knowledge and years of experience, you can count on sound advice and support for your investments, projects and their exploitation. With complex challenges in these sectors, we create added value for the long term. Our passion lies in sustainable projects that require special attention and expertise.

Construction, Industry, Ports, Energy and Real Estate; in these sectors there are enormous challenges in the coming years due to social and sustainable changes. Nordtal is happy to be your sounding board and strategic advisor for your investment projects and business operations. We are happy to help you find the right market party to develop sustainable innovations. And this unburden your organization with added value. Thanks to years of experience and an international network, we can advise you on many matters. If desired, also with the new innovations and products from Scandinavia. Our network is wide and our portfolio is versatile:
- Planning and development of sustainable real estate for industry and ports 
- Purchasing and contracting ICT hardware and software 
- Setting up and setting up facility, technical and supporting business processes 
- Marketing and development of sustainable Scandinavian system halls 
- Development and management of Scandinavian recreational real estate, including marketing activities 
- Realization of long-term maintenance plans for sustainable real estate 
- Analysis and implementation of new business processes, management support 
- Research and advice on sensor technology in the construction, healthcare and industry sectors 
- Purchasing support in contracting and managing buildings and assets 

Nortal Consultancy | Groningen, Netherlands | Email: | Tel: 0031-649038482